Sunday, October 5, 2008


"Bulaga!", "Hello Baby", "Cute, cute, cute", "What's your name, baby?"
are common expression that you can see every time someone is playing or talking to a baby.
As I was going home, riding on a jeep, last Thursday, September 25, 2008 at around 7:15 in the evening, I can’t help but to reciprocate a charming and genuine smile from a so endearing, so amiable and so sweet little lad. I think he is just one and a half years old. He was carried by his mother. Undoubtedly, his mother is beautiful with very refined skin tone and very chic features. She has a nose that is very pointed, her lips are so red like crimson and her cheeks are very pinkish.

Going back to the young lad, he likes to hide to his mother, then look at me then smile to me as though he is enticing to play. I was charmed by his smile but I think it is more than that. Perhaps because of his smiling eyes that possessed a very full of life that any problem of any person could washed away.
After I reciprocate a smile, I will look to the other passenger to ensure that they are not staring at me as if I am crazy (Conscious to be criticized huh!).
Unconsciously wishing, someday I could have a child that has an appealing and thoughtful smile that a child in the jeep had. How joyful and proud I would be to see and play my son or daughter to be. Now I am talking as if I have a child. I don’t think it is like that but I realized that the cliché I’ve always heard on the television, that every time when parents become stressed and problematic in their work, but when they come  home the will feel blissful and unburdened every time they see their child. Alas! I am just 20 years old but hopefully someday i could have a healthy and charming baby.


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