Friday, May 20, 2011

How to set up/ install the extension Library in the Lotus notes Client

I have this problem that how to install the extension library in Lotus Notes Client because it requires to Install the extension in the Lotus Notes if the application will be accessing in LN aside from Web.But after searching the workaround such as installing the package as Widgets, i came across the Wildfire widgets. It explains in the installation how to enable the File->Application->Install.

See the Image below the application properties in the designer that requires extension library to be installed in LN Client.  

1.        Close you Lotus Notes client
2.       Browse to the plugin_customization.ini in the notes framework\rcp
a.       Add
For more information about plugin_customization click here
3.        Save and close file and restart Lotus Notes
4.        You should now find the Install menu option available in Lotus Notes.
5.        Select File -> Application -> Install.

 6.       Add the Extension Library update site zip file:

7.        Reply to the questions and restart Client
8.        Open the application that uses the Extension Library and it works now properly


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