Wednesday, May 25, 2011

How to set up domino directory assistance

One of the problems I encountered was to set up directory assistance in my own server to test the other names2.nsf to work properly in my server or other server. And when I ask our Administrator, he guided me and return to my desk to document what he taught me. And here it is

1. Create new database named it names2.nsf using the template in Domino Directory(pubnames.ntf)
2. Then create new database da50.nsf using Domino Directory Assisstance template.
3. Then open the da50.nsf and click the Add Directory Assistance

4. And then click the Domino Tab And go back to the names2.nsf. Click the Edit->Copy As-> Application Link

5. And paste the link to Application links Box

6. Then open the Domino Administration and click the

7. Then enter the path of domino directory assistance

8. And you will notice in the Configuration that the database has been included in the Directory Information

9. Restart the server to take effect the configuration


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